Specialty Massage

Tranquil Stone Massage (60 min) - $100

Ground yourself in balanced bliss with this relaxing hot stone treatment.  Tension melts away as the oils and hot basalt stones trace your muscles facilitating a truly healing experience.

Tranquil Stone Aromassage (90 min) - $140

One step closer to ultimate relaxation!  Hot Stones and a blend of essential oils customized to your needs will send you into a sea of tranquility.

Stress Be Gone Therapy (45 min) - $65

Peel away stress with this relaxing upper body massage. 

Tired Soles Foot Therapy (20-30 min) - $55

Say goodby to rough, dry skin and hello to silky smoothness with rejuvenating leg and foot treatment.

Individual Massage Sessions

An individual massage is a great way to get introduced to world of massage.  This is also a great gift item for a loved one.  You can book individual sessions below.  

30 min massage - $50/each
45 min massage - $65/each
60 min massage - $80/each  
75 min massage - $95/each
90 min massage - $110/each



Scalp Therapy - $25 (15 Minutes of Extra Time)

Tranquil Spirit 


WEllness LLC.

Monthly Membership

Save more with a Monthly Membership and get a massage every month! (Month to month contract after the first 3 months.) Click Each Service to Sign up!!

30 min massage - $34/each
45 min massage - $44/each
60 min massage - $59/each

60 min Tranquil Stone massage - $79/each  
75 min massage - $74/each
90 min massage - $89/each