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​​​Tranquil Spirit ​Wellness LLC.

Services and Appointments

Massage Sessions

Tranquil Spirit Wellness offers both Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage Services.   In a Tranquil session,  the focus is more on relaxation and stress relief with lighter pressure where as a Therapeutic session includes deeper pressure, stretches and a greater focus on mobility of joints and releasing adhesions in the muscle and soft tissue.  

30 min  Tranquil Massage - $45/each

30 min Therapeutic Massage - $50/each

45 min Tranquil Massage - $60/each

45 min Therapeutic Massage - $65/each

60 min Tranquil Massage - $75/each
60 min Therapeutic Massage - $80/each  

75 min Tranquil Massage -$90/each
75 min Therapeutic Massage - $95/each

90 min Tranquil Massage - $105/each

90 min Therapeutic  Massage - $110/each

Specialty Massage

Kansa Wand Face and Scalp Therapy (15 min) - $25
Massage for the face and scalp using the Kansa Wand, an Ayurvedic tool which utilizes the healing properties of metal to rejuvenate and re-energize the body and mind.  

Tired Soles Foot Therapy (30 min) - $50
Say goodby to rough, dry skin and hello to silky smoothness with rejuvenating leg and foot treatment.

Crystal Reiki Therapy (45-60 min) - $70

A beautiful combination of healing Reiki (universal energy) with Crystal Therapy.  In each customized session, crystals are infused with Reiki energy and placed along the 7 major chakras of the body to dissolve blockages in the energetic body, releasing any restrictions, allowing our body's natural healing processes to take over via improved flow of our life force energy.  Crystal Reiki is the perfect choice for those seeking deep relaxation, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Tranquil Stone Massage (60 min) - $100

Ground yourself in balanced bliss with this relaxing hot stone treatment.  Tension melts away as the oils and hot basalt stones trace your muscles facilitating a truly healing experience.

Tranquil Stone Aromassage (90 min) - $140

One step closer to ultimate relaxation!  Hot Stones and a blend of essential oils customized to your needs will send you into a sea of tranquility.